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  • Base Attends WORLDS & Dance Show Live

    After some long hours training we finally made it- UDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014 2 of our Streetdance Teams Qualified and attended the UDO Streetdance World Championship finals held in Glasgow , Both teams being placed in the top 20 crews out of the hundreds competing from over 30 countries worldwide. We are very proud of […]

  • Mini & Budget Kids Party Packages – Click here

    At base we are always working at getting your party needs right. So we’ve created Some Mini Kids party packages that are simple and come without the trimmings, So if your off out  after for a meal or have something planned at home these parties are just 1 hour of simple fun! We can also […]

  • Brand New Classes for September

    Basedance- We are committed to bringing you the best dance training locally and we are always looking at improving the services we offer In September we will be introducing a number of new styles of dance.  Classes have limited places so please book early Acrobatics dance – CheerDance WeekDay Ballet classes for 3yrs plus Baby […]

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